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franciscogeff posted this 06 May 2018

i have modeled a beam with ansys and generated the result but i don't know how to interpret it.i want to get deformation,shear,deflection and cracks.please can someone help me out.thanks

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mattw posted this 07 May 2018

See the photo below for where solution results can be displayed such as deformation (called "total deformation" in ANSYS), shear (called "shear stress" in ANSYS), and deflection (called "directional deformation" in ANSYS; I chose the y-direction in this case). Cracks would form in areas of stress concentration or where cyclic stresses are acting. Therefore, it is up to the person modeling the problem to determine whether cracks would likely form and how the lifespan of the beam would be affected given the loading conditions imposed. Does this answer your question?

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