Intake Fan Boundary Condition

  • Last Post 11 March 2018
awernick posted this 07 March 2018

I am attempting to simulate an engine pressure jump in 2D space using Fluent and the closest boundary condition that seems to be able to mimic the pressure jump is the intake fan boundary condition. In the intake fan boundary condition I am to specify the pressure rise across the fan as a constant or as a function of my velocity, however I am not sure how to pick the value or function. The documentation ( does not do a good job explaining how this value is picked and I was wondering if anyone could help clarify and possibly provide examples as to how to use the intake fan boundary condition.

Raef.Kobeissi posted this 11 March 2018

I never used this boundary comdition but this is an interesting manual to read. Also when I think about fans I automatically think about the Bernoulli energy conservation equation which relates the pressure jump to total head loss and flow.

Raef Kobeissi