interface matching and form patterns as one body

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usama posted this 04 March 2019

Dear Ansys community,

1. I need to ask one questions I want to make the patterns as one part. see in the attached figure. How to make these patterns as one part? 

2. For interface matching, I just read this article the link is attached. these patterns are placed on the circle but when I make patterns it overlaps with the outer surface body. I make them with some distance apart from the circle. then I need to select all the patterns lower face and make them interface 1. and circle as interface 2.  And in Fluent I will apply interface matching. does it work during the simulation about the filling process? the inlet is from the left side and outlet is on the right side.  

kkanade posted this 05 March 2019

1. select parts in model tree > right click > create a new part. 

2. if you want to create interfaces then please do not create single part. 

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