Invalid environment selection (Unable to change it)

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timlim123 posted this 11 December 2018

I have attached the image showing the error. I am unable to do anything to the environment selection, it is permanently fixed on All Modal.

I am trying to set my first natural frequency to be in the range of 50 Hz to 100 Hz by changing the shape of the beam. The current first mode natural frequency is at 132.5 Hz.  No idea on why the constraint is not functioning. Anyone has any ideas?

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jj77 posted this 11 December 2018

As the second error says in the image you attached, there is no environment linked to the topology optimisation system.


You thus need to link a modal system and an optimisation system together. Below is how it should like (drag first a modal, and then you drag onto that the topology optimisation system).



If you do that, then it works as it should.



timlim123 posted this 11 December 2018

Thank you for the help