Is it possible to extract lift and drag curve from Ansys fluent?

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KikoAzor posted this 10 April 2019

Hey! I am currently working on flow analysis over 2D airfoil in Fluent ansys... I am new in this programme so after a day of hard work I managed to make the simulation according to the youtube video even with changes of AOA... Now I would like to somehow extract lift, drag and and moment curve, or at least first 2. Does anyone know, if it is possible and how? or any fine tutorial would also nice. Thank you for you answers.

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KikoAzor posted this 11 April 2019

Hello, thank you for your answer, I tried the following tutorial, bit I wasnt successful. Maybe the variable on x axis(position m) is wrong? also the values of cl are zero.... Do you know what could be the problem?

KikoAzor posted this 11 April 2019

Hello, in the end I managed to did a bit differently via "reference frames" the lift curve looks fine now, I just dont really get the numbers on "y" axes... as usually the Cl numbers range from 0 to 1,5... Does anyone know why is it doing like this?

rwoolhou posted this 12 April 2019

Coefficients are based on surface area etc, check the size of the aerofoil. There are a few aerofoil examples on YouTube, I suspect everything is explained in those. 

Also to note, the time-step shows the change of the Cl with time on your model so I'm not sure what you've done to create that plot. Given it's still changing the solution hasn't reached a stable value so you need to run for much longer. 

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KikoAzor posted this 12 April 2019

Hi MR rwoolhou, 

I appreciate your answer on my question.

I am sorry I might explain the whole thing bad.. This is what I did: I am managed to do it according to one video on youtube 

style="color: #222222; font-size: small;">  I am trying to simulate a rotating 2D airfoil (like it's in different angles of attack), by creating to interface zones one is fluid, and the other one is inside of it - rotating - and inside this one is my airfoil as a rotating wall... My airfoil´s chord line has 1 meter. I situated the airfoil in the middle of the rotating circle... I set the rotation of the rotating part -0,5 radians... time step is 0,005 and the number of timesteps is 200.. that's how I got the curve up there... 

As my airfoil has chord line length 1 meter I guess its not too big surface area... I am really desperate with this, would you know where is the problem? If you need me to upload any screenshots, just let me know and I will.

Again thank you very much for you answer

kkanade posted this 15 April 2019

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