Issues with Parametric Simulation with Ansys Maxwell using DesignModeler and Solidworks

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wallygator88 posted this 15 August 2018

I'm currently using Solidworks 2017, Workbench 17.2 and Maxwell 2016 on a research license.

I have a parallel plate style capacitor that was done in SW 2017. I've used a global variable to adjust the dimensions of my top and bottom plates simultaneously.

After importing the geometry into DM and generating the model, I can see the global variables and I am able to export them to Workbench as input paramters to use them in a parameteric analysis to determine the change in capacitance with the electrode dimensions. I'm also able to connect this to Maxwell, set up my simulation conditons and export output parameters (capacitance matrix) to the WB.

The issue that I'm seeing with my parametric analysis is that only DP1 updates and all remaining design points seem to show the same solution. I've noticed that the geometry in Maxwell does not refresh/update after the first design point and the following error shows up in Maxwell

[error] Link parameter 'P3@DS_SQ' in source system 'Geom' is mapped to constant '1' in target system. Map the link parameter to a design variable or project variable in the target system to enable synchronization. (4:09:29 PM  Aug 15, 2018)

I'm not really sure how to go about debugging this or solving it and would appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance!


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Aniket posted this 17 August 2018


It seems that SolidWorks 2017 is not supported in PlugIn Mode with Workbench 17.2 as per the documentation. So ideally first step would be downgrading your SolidWorks version to 2015 or 2016 to work with R17.2. Alternatively, you can also upgrade your ANSYS Workbench version to anything from R18.0 to R19.1 to work with SolidWorks 2017 in the plugin mode.

Also, after upgrading ANSYS version please check that you can manually change the parameter values, and those reflect in changes in geometry.

wallygator88 posted this 19 August 2018

Figured this out.


The issue is not with the Solidworks version but rather with the fact that Maxwell requires you to define local variables for all your geometry parameters from Design Modeler so that you can parametrize them from WB



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SandeepMedikonda posted this 20 August 2018

Please mark your post as the answer so that someone might find it useful in the future.

squall0629 posted this 20 October 2018

hi wallygator88,I have met the same issue as you have , and i am really happy to know that you have found the answer , i want to know if i should define local variables name in maxwell exactly the same as the ones in SW? like you issue, the parameter 'DS_SQ' should be define in maxwell? even though it has no meaning in maxwell?

i need you help,thanks!

wallygator88 posted this 20 October 2018

You don't need to do that. In fact, I used different names.

squall0629 posted this 21 October 2018

hi wallygator88, thanks for the reply.but i still can not aunderstand if i used a different name ,how can workbench mapped the two parameter? is there any other things to do to map them?

i am a motor design engineer in china, email , maybe we can do further exchange on this or other ANSYS applying issues.

Thank you .