K-e model for Air Flow through Furnace

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elisio posted this 11 April 2019


I am simulating air flow through a furnace, but i don't see enough turbulence inside it as i imagined.

(this turbulence should be good to represent complete combustion)


I am trying to find some tutorial about these parameters (best model to my case, constants values, wall, options...) but i can't find anything helpfull. I accept tutorials and sharing contents.

This figure represents velocity and it shows where there are 2 sencodary inlet airs:


The Figure below shows only the primary inlet flow air lines (secondary flow lines are hidden)

As i said, there isn't much turbulence, most of the flow goes straight up. I want to mix primary and secondary air as much as i can.


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rwoolhou posted this 11 April 2019

Stream lines are (sort of) massless particles so won't mix. If you used multiple species to represent the primary & secondary air how does the volume fraction look? 

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elisio posted this 12 April 2019

Hm, i've never worked with multiple species, i can set both as air and it will have different colors?


What i mean about "mix" is observe flow lines like vortex which can be understand as mixture of primary and secondary air.

rwoolhou posted this 16 April 2019

Yes, use "air" and "air-tracer" and inject from the two inlets. You're looking to see how well mixed the two materials are within the domain (remember it'll not be 50% unless the flow rates match). 

A vortex means that flow is (re)circulating in a region. If there is no flow across the swirling region you may not get mixing.