latent heat definition in Fluent

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amir_ms81 posted this 30 May 2019

Hello everyone,

I want to simulate boiling for a small chip. I am confused about the dimension of latent heat. the dimension is j/kgmol. my unit is j/g.

if I multiply molar mass to my latent heat, will it be the j/kgmol? because if I multiply this unit, it will be j/mol!

Could you please help me to find a definition or solution for that?



abenhadj posted this 31 May 2019

The unit for Standard State Enthalpy in Fluent is J/kgmol. 

You need to convert using the molar weight which has the dimension kg/kgmol.


So latent Heat J/kg= latent heat J/kgmol/Molar Weight kg/kgmol


J/kg= J/1000*g= 1e-3J/g

Best regards, Amine

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