LES Simulation and creating the right mesh

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Raef.Kobeissi posted this 09 December 2018

In this #CFD #ANSYS tutorial, we will learn how to produce a good resolution mesh that is suitable for large eddy simulations - #LES by first doing a #RANS simulation and estimating the ratio of the integral length scale with respect to the cell length. Also, in this tutorial, we will learn how to create custom function fields in FLUENT. This is a transient fully turbulent simulation. 

Raef Kobeissi

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kkanade posted this 10 December 2018

thanks Raef for posting this tutorial. would be very useful to students. 

Raef.Kobeissi posted this 10 January 2019

you're most welcome

Raef Kobeissi

AlexWHB posted this 16 October 2019

Hey Raef, I already wrote you on FB but I think my message ended up in spam...I need your Excel-Spreadsheet for the mesh resolution with the integral length scale. You wrote that your channel on YT would be down, but could you please publish this Excel spreadsheet? It would be very helpful for my master thesis and I would be very grateful.

atulsingh92 posted this 17 April 2020

Hi, Could you please repost this link, the video seems inactive now!


SSLL92 posted this 4 weeks ago


The video is not available. Please fix the issue.