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Doyle1107 posted this 30 June 2020

I was trying to download a tutorial and was required to supply my license to download the files from the site. My student downloaded Ansys program gave me the information in ANSLIC_ADMIN

"ERROR: The following problem was encountered while attempting to retrieve the user preferences license lists:

2020/06/30 00:285  INFO Demo license file C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\ANSYS Student\Shared Files\License\student.lic exists

ERROR: Unable to retrieve license site preference information

The specific license path:


      FLEXIm Servers: C:\Program Files\ANSYS Student\Shared Files\Licensing\student.lic

dies not have any licenses for any product. Please make sure the license server has been started correctly."

How do I get the license number?

Thanks - Curtis

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rwoolhou posted this 30 June 2020

Which site was asking for licence information?  Our systems may request a site ID but shouldn't ask about the licence: we hold the data for that on this end. 

Doyle1107 posted this 30 June 2020

Thank you for the rapid response,


I was trying to initiate an Ansys tutorial (Ansys 18, Ansys Fluent Tutorial Guide, release 18 from January 2017) and in the tutorial on fluid flow and heat transfer in a mixing elbow. I was directed to download the geometry from the site below.

Go to the ANSYS Customer Portal,

This site asked for a login and then later asked for license information on the follow on window. It does resemble a real Ansys site.

I guess what I'm really looking for is a tutorial on how to develop a model that incorporates fluid flow, heating and melting using a moving heat source to investigate melt pools. Any suggestions on that would be appreciated.

Thanks - Curtis


rwoolhou posted this 01 July 2020

Yes, that's us, it must be part of the registration (I bypass that part). As a student you've not got access. The training materials were also moved to the Ansys Learning Hub / Campus so you now also need a subscription to that.  If you're using the current (2019 or 2020) releases several tutorials are bundled in with the help system. 

Doyle1107 posted this 01 July 2020

So, with a student license I do not have access to the training material or the Learning Hub? That really seems counter intuitive... Where in the help system are those tutorials, embedded in each of the subjects?

- Curtis

rwoolhou posted this 02 July 2020

If you have 2019 or 2020 click on "Help" and you'll find several tutorials, links to YouTube videos and all the documentation. The Learning Hub is a paid for service as we deliver live courses through it as well as hosting course recordings, tutorials and access to staff.