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  • Last Post 06 November 2017
roy.lee posted this 05 November 2017


My ANSYS 18.1 just expired but I haven't finished my ANSYS course with EDX. The Student FAQ on the ANSYS website says that I can find an license download and just update the link; however, I cannot find a download for just a new updated license. Could someone please direct me to the link and or file directly?


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peteroznewman posted this 05 November 2017

ANSYS 17.2 uses a small license text file that can be downloaded, but ANSYS 18.1 has the license built in to the product. You need to download a fresh copy of ANSYS 18.1 (or 18.2) and install it to get a new expiration date.

vganore posted this 06 November 2017

Roy, please download the new package from here having updated expiration date:

Vishal Ganore,