License needed for Coupling

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learn13 posted this 08 March 2018


Currently have a research and teaching license for Ansys v17.1.  Neither work when attempting 2-way fluid structure interactions using system coupling.

Is another license or perhaps an add-on needed?

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pgl posted this 09 March 2018

We have quite a few different Teaching and Research product licenses. Can you identify what specific products you have. Look at your License Preferences and use this Features Table for guidance. 

Prior to Release 18.0 you need to use two licenses simultaneously in order to access Fluid Structure Interaction capability, plus you need to turn off license sharing in your License Preferences.  We improved this at Release 18.0 by enabling it within a single license, if that license supports Mechanical AND CFD functionality. So that might be a good reason to consider upgrading from your older release (17.1). 

learn13 posted this 16 March 2018

In the older release I found a niche problem that was covered in another forum.  Within the Ansys license preferences was two options related to solving, changing from the default to solving each program individually allowed for 2-way FSI.


Thank you for your help!