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anupjsebastian posted this 01 July 2018


I have been trying to import a roll cage into ANSYS Student for BAJA SAE. It keeps saying that I have exceeded the limitations. It has only 49 bodies. It does not allow me to continue my analysis. Could someone please help me with this. Thanks.

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peteroznewman posted this 02 July 2018

There is also a limit of 300 faces as well as 50 bodies. If you create a zip file of your geometry and attach that to your post, I can take a look at it on a full license that has no limits.

anupjsebastian posted this 02 July 2018

This is the file.

anupjsebastian posted this 02 July 2018

I saw someone else had a similar issue as me on the forum, where they had around 70 bodies. The solution was to right click and create a new part in design modeler so it is treated as a single part. The same thing doesn't seem to work for me. It still does not allow me to export or save.  

I also tried to use a boolean and merge all the parts into a single body. That doesn't seem to work as well.


Is it possible to analyse a roll cage with so many bodies using ANSYS student? because it seems like these limits are quite easy to exceed.

peteroznewman posted this 03 July 2018

I downloaded the IGES file and opened it in SpaceClaim (full license, not Student).

It shows 375 surfaces.

Note that the roll cage has surfaces for both the outside and the inside of the tube walls.

This is not the best geometry for meshing. What you want instead is a single surface at the midsurface of the tube. You need to create these midsufaces in your CAD system and export that. It will result in about 1/3 the number of surfaces, since there is also two end surfaces for each tube segment.

Read this discussion for more information and an example.


anupjsebastian posted this 03 July 2018


vganore posted this 23 July 2018

Anup, ANSYS provides free research version with no node/element limit for student competition teams including BAJA SAE. Your team could migrate from student version to academic research version. 

See here more details:

Vishal Ganore,

Ananth Narayan posted this 18 August 2018

Try to open model in stp file. This opens solid as such

Regards Ananth Narayan