Links to Help go to Customer Portal sign-in page

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peteroznewman posted this 27 August 2018

Many posts include a link to a page in the ANSYS 19.1 Help system.

These links take me to the customer portal login shown below.

Students can't get an account on the portal. Fortunately, ANSYS Student 19.1 Help logs them in somehow.

Here is the workaround to get to the help page cited.

1. From Workbench, use the menu Help > ANSYS Workbench Help.  A browser window will open.

2. In the post that has a link to ANSYS Help, RMB on the link and select Copy Link Address,

3. Go to the browser window that opened in step 1 and Paste in the address bar and you get to the required page.




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abenhadj posted this 28 August 2018

Good to know that but I would think that we need to include that on the ANSYS Student page. I will highlight that to my colleagues.

Best regards,


mekafime posted this 01 September 2018

Thanks !!!

NawafRasheed posted this 3 weeks ago

This way still work for ANSYS R3?

rwoolhou posted this 3 weeks ago

Have you tried it? 

NawafRasheed posted this 2 weeks ago

yes I do

but it doesn't work

peteroznewman posted this 2 weeks ago

Here is an example from an old post:

If I go to the Windows Start menu, and go to ANSYS 2019 R3 then click on the Help folder then click on ANSYS Help 2019 R3, a browser window will open.

I can paste the URL above into the Address bar of the browser, it will go to that page from Ansys 19.1.