low min orthogonal quality

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mahsa95 posted this 13 March 2019


I'm simulating 3D vertical axis wind turbine. in mesh generation minimum orthogonal quality is about 0.02 which is very low. i used inflation and face sizing on the walls of blades. I've changed sizes several times but it didn't work.I insert some images of my mesh. how can i improve min orthogonal quality?


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kkanade posted this 13 March 2019

as ansys employees, we can not download attachments. 

please check following which may help you. 

you will need to identify first where are bad cells i.e. cells below ortho qualty of 0.1. then use different options like geometry modificaiton, face/edge sizing etc to get rid of bad elements. 


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Sida posted this 4 weeks ago

I'm using Mechanical 2019, and I cannot find the shape checking option. (?)

rwoolhou posted this 4 weeks ago

Check the options in Meshing, Quality & Statistics. We changed the interface slightly a couple of versions back, all the options are still there but in a slightly different order. 

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