Magnetic Analysis of a Solenoid Actuator

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et2536 posted this 29 October 2018

Hi, I am new to Ansys and trying to follow the tutorials. In the "Magnetic Analysis of a Solenoid Actuator" tutorial there is a path for applying force:

"Main Menu> Preprocessor> Loads> Define Loads> Apply> Magnetic> Flag> Comp. Force/Torq"

The path is not exist in my version of Ansys. ( tried academic 19.1 and student 19.2). so what is missing and how can i cover this step in tutorial?

Thank you,


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Kremella posted this 16 November 2018


Are you using ANSYS APDL for this analysis? Could you please confirm if you are talking about the following tutorial?

Thank you.



et2536 posted this 17 November 2018

Yes I am using Ansys APDL and I am talking about this tutorial.