Making different Zones in a reactor (Gasifier) body

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MuhammadWaleed posted this 11 May 2020

My modeled geometry has four components / sections, named as Drying, Pyrolysis, Oxidation and reduction (A typical gasifier reactor body).

Now, I want to make different zones for all the above mentioned process, such that,  specific chemical reactions take place in  dedicated zone/component of a body. Reactions will be generated through Species Transport theorem. Moreover, how can I then make the output of drying zone to the input of pyrolyis zone and so on.

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abenhadj posted this 11 May 2020

Each zone should be populated in Fluent as separate Cell Zone. You can then create multiple reaction mechanisms and assign the ones to the related cell zone. If the cell zones are connected to one another you wont'require worrying about data transfer. If you want to recycle the output of certain region to be input of another region you require UDF's/Profiles etc.


I am just providing high level guidance here.

Best regards, Amine

MuhammadWaleed posted this 12 May 2020

Thank a lot sir or the guidance.  Please verify it. In order to create multiple zones, I can create them by naming in meshing part. Now in setup, I'll go to cell zones, I'll go to each cell zone and would specify my reaction mechanism, which I created in Species theorem. Now Sir, let's say I have certain chemical reactions in ZONE A (Pyrolysis) ,for instance, C+O2=CO2, now will that product of zone A, which is CO2, in that case, automatically goes to ZONE B (OXidation), if my bodies are connected through automatic generated connectors in meshing part, if yes, then sir, I'll have dedicated reactions in Zone B as well, so will that CO2, interfere in the reactions of Zone B? 

Kindly guide. 

abenhadj posted this 12 May 2020

Yes. If they are connected then Co2 from ZONE A can be convected / diffused to  ZONE B

Best regards, Amine

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