manipulating angles between two bodies

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bushrar posted this 18 December 2017


I was wondering if there was a way to input an exact angle between two bodies as indicated below

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peteroznewman posted this 18 December 2017

Here is how you could do that in DesignModeler.


The attached file is an ANSYS 18.2 archive.

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bushrar posted this 20 December 2017

Unfortunately since I have version 17, I could not open the file.  So the gist of it was that you drew a sketch of the body outline?

peteroznewman posted this 20 December 2017

Yes, but I added some symmetry constraints so the points would stay on the planes. Do you have 17.2?

bushrar posted this 20 December 2017

 I have version 17.0.  It should still work the same there, right?

peteroznewman posted this 21 December 2017

Here is my video recorded using 17.2

FrankD posted this 3 weeks ago

In SC, when you use an annotation dimension (forced to be in a plane) accessed in the Detail tab, you can dimension between the cones:


A Pull of geometry (here the vertex at the apex of one of the cones) can change the geometry directly (offset or in a direction by some amount):


Or by linking the pull to an existing annotation dimension with the spark that shows up:


Allowing the Linear Pull to be driven by the Angular annotation dimension.

This can be stored as a reusable Group (Ctrl-G):


And perhaps more interestingly, can also be used to drive Pull and Move amounts to solve some desired Mass Property (here Volume drives the linear Pull):


The trick there is to make sure to select the desired mass property while the pull dimension is active.



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