I'm trying to simulate the following scenario in Ansys Workbench 2019 R2.

I have a flexible capacitive sensor. I'm interested in understanding how a deformation of the device affects the capacitive values of the sensor.

My simulation is set up so that it runs through Maxwell first, giving me the initial values of the capacitance. The 'Set Object Deformation' entry with the relevant parameters is checked. The simulation works fine and I'm able to extract the initial capacitances

This is then fed into the static structural component, with the load imported from maxwell as a body force density and the "Export After Solve Option".

The whole simulation is run using a Feedback Iterator.

This is where I run into problems. While I am able to run the structure in Maxwell without any issues, when the feedback occurs, I get an error from Maxwell saying that "Terminal can not be on the mater/slave boundary, it should be defined in the middle of the conductor"

I'm unable to debug or figure out why this is happening, especially because it seems to run in Maxwell initially without issues.

Thank you for any help in advance.