Material in motion in a fluid domain

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rorti045 posted this 12 November 2018


I was wondering if I could put motion to a piece of metal or my supersonic flow that comes out a nozzle. The motion that I need to input to either of this two is very simple. I need that one moves in one direction only at a constant velocity. I am assuming I dont need a UDF. As one of these two moves, the supersonic flow will impact the piece of metal and I need to extract the temperature profile at the piece of metal. I was told that I could do this in Transient Structural, however I am unable because I have an external load (eddy current effect) from a Maxwell simulation also acting in my piece of metal. So I was wondering if I could simulate this as I explained in Fluent.

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seeta gunti posted this 14 November 2018

If you want to give motion to the metal piece, you should use UDF through dynamic mesh . Here is the example for dynamic mesh motion.

If you want to add motion to the flow. You can vary the inlet conditions through time using profile option. Here is the example for this.




rorti045 posted this 14 November 2018

Hi Seeta, Thanks for taking the time to answer. The situatuon that I am trying to simulate is a 3D problem. So, I cannot apply the techniques that are shown on the first video. The second video shows how to have a non-uniform pressure inlet. I dont completely understand how the second video can help me. I have seen many videos posted by you, ansys and many other people, but no one has ever done what I am asking.

I attached a video that you posted on youtube. I need to replicate a similar situation. My piece of metal is not falling but moving in direction. It has a temperature and once it interacts with the fluid, I need to visualize the temperature changes within the piece of metal. In this video and many others, the ball or any other geometry gives in the possibility of having any information about it, since it is not meshed or treated as a independent object.

kkanade posted this 15 November 2018

You will have to use 6dof approach. You can define CG or metal piece and can give velocity to CG in dynamic mesh zones.