Right now im having problems tryng to mesh this geometry, I was using "size" but it randomly works, because normally saids:

  • One or more entities failed to mesh. The mesh of the bodies containing these entities may not be up-to-date.  However, meshing might be successful on the other entities.
  • One or more surfaces cannot be meshed with acceptable quality. Try using a different element size or virtual topology.
  • A mesh could not be generated using the current meshing options and settings.

Even when I size with a very little element size sometimes it works, but when I go to the fluent mesh quality analisis it saids that the target skewness wasa not reach.

The way as I created the geometry was using the NACA0012 133 points data set conected with spline lines on Autodesk Inventor and then conecting the root and the tail edges with a loft extrude option.

If you can give some advice I will really appreciate it.