Mesh generated on enclosure not satisfying orthognal quality

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abhijeet posted this 11 January 2018


I am working on fluid - heat coupled field for an assembly of five plates. The problem that I am facing is meshing which I achieve over my enclosure is bad and does not satisfy the orthogonal quality (minimum value should be greater than 0.1) or skewness ( maximum value should be less than 0.9) whereas these values are good for my plates. I am using proximity and curvature with mesh resolution as five and smoothing as high, everything else remains to default.

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vganore posted this 11 January 2018

We may not able to provide any suggestion without looking at your geometry. Please share the file if possible. Looks like you need to reiterate with your mesh sizing to satisfy meshing criterion. 

Are you trying to solve plate heat exchanger problem? 

Vishal Ganore,

abhijeet posted this 11 January 2018

Thanks Vishal. I am adding up the screenshots for better understanding of the geometry.Plate acting as heat source

This is a plate acting as a heat source and there are three such plates.Support Plates


This is support plate for the assembly and two such plates at both ends.


This is the final assembly. I have removed contact studs (which are insulated) so as to simplify the geometry. When the meshing finished I checked mesh diagnostics and saw that all the plates had proper orthogonal quality as well as skewness whereas my enclosure is far from being anywhere near the required mesh quality.






vganore posted this 11 January 2018

Hi Abhijeet,

 Have you created mesh only for plates and encloser (solid zone)? Not sure but where is your fluid zone? How the fluid is entering and leaving the domain? Could you please explain your boundary conditions? If possible, please share your geometry file to resolve meshing issue quickly. 



Vishal Ganore,