Mesh Generation for imported, enclousred model

  • Last Post 04 December 2018
ElDOrado posted this 02 December 2018


I have an issue with mesh generation for model meant for CFD fluent analysis.

I have imported model (which as I understand is a facet) and used "Enclousre" function. Next, I used "Subtract" function from "Facets" bar and cut out my model from enclousre. My problem is with next steps. Should i prepare this model any further, converting it into solid perhaps? Meshing it as it is results in failure.

Imported Model

I have very basic knowledge about meshing process, so any help would be appreciated.

Thank You!

kkanade posted this 04 December 2018

your spaceclaim work is done. 

now import this file in fluent meshing using file - import cad option. 

then define size function. 

then remesh the faces to get a good surface mesh. 

improve surface mesh and proceed to volume mesh. 

following videos may help you. If it solves your issue, please mark this as 'Is Solution' to help others on forum.