Mesh Generation over delta wing with sharp edges (no inflation layer generated)

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CatiaV5 posted this 09 October 2018

Hi guys,


I try to generate a mesh around a delta wing (see attached picture). I sliced the geometry at the trailing edge (using Design Modeler as I find using SpaceClaim rather tricky) , however I'm still not able to get an inflation layer around the sharp edge as well as between the sting and wing connection. Is there anyone who could help me out please?

I have also tried to slice the geometry similar to how I would go about it in ICEM, but this approach also fails.

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


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nmpatre posted this 09 October 2018

Hello CatiaV5,

Did you try increasing the "Maximum Angle" to 180 deg? This option is available when you enable advanced inflation options. See below snapshot.

CatiaV5 posted this 09 October 2018



yes I have tried this also but no success. I even used body of influences along the delta wing's edges

nmpatre posted this 09 October 2018

From the images, it appears that there are 2 bodies. Due to this, the inflation layers are not getting transferred from one body to other. You need to select the wing faces from both bodies on which you need to grow inflation layers. Also, make sure that you also select both bodies in Inflation settings. 

I am not sure if there is any particular reason behind having 2 separate bodies. Can you try combining them into one and then try generating inflation on wing faces?

CatiaV5 posted this 09 October 2018

Yeah, they are one body. But I gave them the same name "wing plus sting". And I picked this for the inflation layer on named selection. The only thing I did is that I have sliced the body as I was hoping this would resolve my issue. Which it didn't. 

The mesh without the slice looks like below. You can see that the sharp corners are still causing an issue for the inflation layer

nmpatre posted this 11 October 2018

Hello CatiaV5

The mesh looks very fine near the walls in first picture. Can you try coarsening it which will help to improve the inflation in the corners?

CatiaV5 posted this 11 October 2018

Awesome, thank you. It resolved the bit near the sting. However, I still lack a mesh near the tip (see below). Is there anything else I can change?

nmpatre posted this 11 October 2018

Hello CatiaV5,

In Advance Inflation options (in Global Mesh settings) set "Collision Avoidance" to "Layer Compression" and "Maximum Angle" as 180 deg.

CatiaV5 posted this 12 October 2018

Hi Nmpatre,


I have done this already. I get a warning that states that inflation created stairstep mesh at some locations

rkumbhar posted this 12 October 2018


If you do slicing something like this image and use inflation setting as suggested by Nmpatre, you can get continuous inflation.



CatiaV5 posted this 12 October 2018

Hi Rahul,

thank you for your help on this. I did as advised and I'm nearly there. It is much better than before but still one side doesn't want to do the inflation layer. Is there another option to slice it?