Mesh Generation Taking a Long Time

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Afrah posted this 3 weeks ago


The following shows my dcb specimen. It has a triangular infill I generated using facets

Here are my mesh settings:

I also have a face sizing object for the two faces on the front and back of the specimen, and then another for the rest of faces. This is because I need the same number of elements on the top and bottom of the crack interface.

Even after an hour, the mesh progress is still the same:

I've completed a simulation with the same mesh settings on a DCB without the infill and it ran perfectly. Now, with the infill, I am running into this issue. How can I fix this (do I maybe just need to wait longer)?

Thanks in advance!

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peteroznewman posted this 3 weeks ago

The number of faces increased by a factor of several 100 so it's reasonable to have a similar increase in meshing time.

Afrah posted this 3 weeks ago

I waited overnight for the mesh to generate and it's still stuck "meshing edges (4/4)". Is this normal? 

peteroznewman posted this 3 weeks ago

You can use DesignModeler to count the number of faces or edges. 

Cut your model down by a factor of 100 and see if meshing will complete.

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