ICEPAK Mesh "Growth"

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tarkanucak posted this 25 January 2019


I'm trying to mesh a model in ICEPAK that has a few assemblies. When I define a mesh density for an assembly, the mesh around that assembly is not affected in any way. What I want to do is define a growth around that assembly so that there is no sudden decrease in mesh density. 


I tried using multi-level settings, but not sure if that's what I'm looking for, since it didn't work (no growth whatsoever). One way I can think of is to create multiple fluid assemblies around the main assembly and define mesh density somewhere in between. But, I'm not sure if this works and see this as a last resort.


Am I missing something? Is there a way to define mesh growth around an assembly in ICEPAK? 




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satya posted this 28 January 2019

Hi Yanki, 


Try using per-object mesh parameters and use the settings within there to add a growth ratio. You can find it in Local tab in Global meshing panel. 



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tarkanucak posted this 28 January 2019

Hey Satya,

thanks for replying. will try it.



tarkanucak posted this 30 January 2019

Hey Satya,

Thank you for responding again. I tried per object mesh parameters and have a follow-up question.

When I mesh the "outside" of my assembly using per-object parameters, it really generates the growth I'm looking for, however, it also creates huge mesh bleeding in all directions. I can't prevent this bleeding with meshing areas where it occurs, as my model is too complex.

When I resize my assembly and give higher slack values and use "inside" per object parameters, it creates a finer mesh inwards the assembly as expected, whereas I want my mesh to grow outwards my assembly. 

Is it possible to create a mesh that grows outwards the assembly using "inside" per object parameters? Or is there a way to stop that mesh bleeding without creating a lot of assemblies?