Mesh in holes of strakes

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bilgin posted this 30 October 2018


I am trying to get mesh for fluid analysis in my model. I couldn't get sweep mesh and inflation. I attach one mesh model and link the project. Default MeshThe first layer thickness is 1E-5 and the number of maximum layers is 24. Does someone help me?


Thank you

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Aniket posted this 30 October 2018

Hi bilgin,

Ansys employees cannot download the member's model and debug it but if you can add more details to the question and some inline images, we can help you further, or alternatively, you can wait for other users to give you feedback on this.

bilgin posted this 30 October 2018

Hi Aniket,

I can explain how I create the model. I created 2 sketches. It is shown first picture. 

Step 1Second is shown second picture.

Step 2

After that I made extrude with depth is 9.63 m. It is shown third picture. 

Step 3

Then I made sweep cut with pitch is 0.32 m. It is shown fourth picture.

Step 4 

Above I explained how I created it. When I open the meshing tool. I got the message is 'The following faces have high order NURBS surfaces. These may take longer than usual to mesh.' So, I created default mesh. I shared the first post. Now, I want to make a mesh with sweep method. Also, inflation around edges in cut skecth(picture2). 

What can I do for getting sweep mesh method?


Thank you

rwoolhou posted this 31 October 2018

Ignore the NURBS warning unless the meshing tool chews up the surfaces. However, it looks like you've got a floating face in the domain and this may not be a good idea. Also, do you really need a 3d model as it looks from the image that it's just 2d? 

If you need to sweep, look for the tutorials, but you will need to assign sweep mesh type and then inflate that: there will be tutorials if you have a look. 

bilgin posted this 02 November 2018

Actually, I need 3D model because it is the fluid part of system coupling. I will again try to look at the tutorial. 

Thank you.