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  • Last Post 14 November 2017
tnegem posted this 14 November 2017

Hi Everyone,

I had a small issue that I do not understand why I have this problem when I am trying to improve my element quality using the mesh metric I get the graph as shown bellow which is very annoying because I can't really understand much of it. How is it possible to get the values of the Y grid(No. of elements) to be presented.




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peteroznewman posted this 14 November 2017

Stretch the window out to be very tall, then you can see the graph properly. When you click on the Controls button, the dialog shown to the right will open and you can change the X-Axis and Y-Axis limits as shown in the second example.

tnegem posted this 14 November 2017

Thanks Tried that in the beginning didnt work but I wasnt stretching it enough Anyway Thanks alot for your time and effort I appreciate it,