Mesh nodes selection on line

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bhanu34 posted this 19 February 2019


I am trying to select each and every mesh nodes on a line and creating a named selection for each node separately, 

Kindly let me know any shortcut to select the nodes all and then create named selection for each node separately?


rgpatchi posted this 20 February 2019

Hi Bhanu, 

Just to see if I understood this correctly, you would like to, 

-Create a named selection for each node corresponding to a line?

If yes, try the below steps.

1. Create named selection of the line

2. RMB on this named selection (of the line) --> Create Nodal Named Selection (rename this as say, All_Nodes)

3. Create a named selection of any node on this line (rename it as say, single_node)

4. Highlight this named selection, go to Object generator icon in toolbar and set the below settings and click on Generate.

That should create one named selection for each node of this line. So, if line has 100 nodes, it will create 99 named selection (in addition to already created named selection, single_node)

Hope this helps. 

Best regards,


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