Mesh sizing under contact surface - Alternative to inflation, Reduce element count

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PaulM posted this 05 November 2018


I'm new to this forum so I hope this is in the right category. I'm currently modelling a helical gear pair in Static Structural (Ansys 19.1) to find the contact stresses on the teeth under a certain load. I'm also interested in the shear stresses just under the surface of the teeth, therefore I added the Inflation option to my mesh. However this option greatly increases the element count in my model. I attached a picture to show my current mesh. Depicted there is a section cut through both gears, to show the mesh on the inside.

Current mesh

I could of course just reduce the layer count of the inflation, but I'm curious if there is a better option to get a finer mesh on the inside. So the question would be if there is a better alternative to inflation to more finely mesh my parts just under the surface? Or is there another method to reduce the element count?



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rwoolhou posted this 05 November 2018

If the gear is helical can you sweep the mesh down the length of it? 

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PaulM posted this 06 November 2018

Thanks for the fast answer, I'll try to do that and report back.