Mesh Speedups

  • Last Post 25 September 2018
mhigley posted this 18 September 2018

I created a fairly large 2-D model, input the number of divisions on the edges and mesh controlled all the faces, but when I go to update the mesh or generate a mesh on the entire part, the mesh fails. I'm now essentially meshing it 4 faces at a time, but even that is taking hours to generate for each selection. Has anyone encountered problems like this and what was the solution?

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klu posted this 18 September 2018


Can you please take a couple screenshots of your geometry, mesh global settings, size controls, mesh methods, etc.?

mhigley posted this 19 September 2018


klu posted this 19 September 2018


Thanks for sharing these pictures. I am not able to test on my end so I cannot tell the exact solution. However, 

1. Would you please check if all faces are mappable? If not, please modify the geometry accordingly.

2. Would you please check if any edge or face is over-defined, i.e., more than one methods or sizing controls are added to a single entity?

3. It seems to me the geometry has symmetric structures. Is it possible to mesh a quarter of it and apply periodic conditions in the solver?

4. If the geometry is symmetric but the physics is not, please refer to links below for tips to mesh repetitive geometries.


kkanade posted this 25 September 2018

If you have selected many edges or faces in just one local sizing control then it may take time to mesh a single part as it tries to compute sizing on all edges defined in sizing. You can use different edge sizing for different edges. Please try to use one edge sizing for say 10 edges only.