Meshing a fin

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egorbena posted this 25 May 2019

Dear all,

I'm trying to do a simple simulation of fin but I have got stuck doing the mesh. I'm getting errorr all the time and I'm not sure why. The geometry of the fin is very fine, it is made of many little faces (see attached figure).

The errors and warnings I'm getting in Meshing are of the type:

  • A mesh could not be generated using the current meshing options and settings.
  • The specified defeaturing tolerance was found to be larger than a specified size.  The elements on one or more edges may be defeatured out.
  • One or more surfaces cannot be meshed with acceptable quality. Try using a different element size or virtual topology.
  • One or more entities failed to mesh. The mesh of the bodies containing these entities may not be up-to-date.  However, meshing might be successful on the other entities.
  • Some boundaries of protected topologies have been defeatured.  Right click on this message and select "Show Problematic Geometry" to see the affected edges.

I'm using a sizing for the fin with a size element of 0.1 mm (the fin is 100 mm length, 150 mm height and 5 mm thick at the base).

Could anybody please give me an advise of how should I proceed, please?

Kind regards,


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rwoolhou posted this 03 June 2019

Are you trying to mesh inside the fin? If so how sharp an angle do you have at the leading/trailing edge?

egorbena posted this 03 June 2019

Hi Rwoolhou,

I managed to clean the .stl file. First I converted the faceted body to a solid body, then I simplified the geometry by merging faces. Sometimes I get errors saying that it was not possible to merge selected faces (see attached figure). Do you know how can I merge this tiny faces?

Kind regards,

Fig. Faces of the foil leading edge

rwoolhou posted this 04 June 2019

If you're in SpaceClaim delete a few of the faces and it'll (probably) create a simpler patch.  Looking at that section some of the facets are poorly defined (in CAD terms) so will cause problems. 

If you're using ANSYS Meshing read up on Virtual Topology.