Meshing a model that has been scaled down

  • Last Post 27 June 2018
ewold posted this 27 June 2018

I recently used a scale factor in Spaceclaim to reduce the size of my model by a factor of 5. This seems to have messed up my meshing settings and I continue to get convergence error after convergence error. Is there a way to maintain the resolution of my mesh when I scale the geometry down? I've tried every mesh method with many different sizing functions. Thanks.

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kkanade posted this 27 June 2018


If you have scaled down the model then you will have to scale down the sizing used in meshing. What mesh settings you have used? Are you using global size functions? Are there any local sizes used on faces or edges?



ewold posted this 27 June 2018


Thank you for your response. The settings that worked in my non-scaled model were the following:

Patch-Independent Tetrahedral Method. I used an Adaptive size function with a Coarse relevance center and a Fine span angel center. Element and defeature size were both set to default. I didn't use any local sizes on faces or edges.

FrankD posted this 27 June 2018

What exact product are you doing the meshing in? May we see the model?

ewold posted this 27 June 2018


I am doing the meshing in Workbench 19.0 Mechanical (and Fluent, but the meshing problem is the same in both). It is a 2-way FSI simulation with an outer solid cylinder that encases a volume of fluid with another solid suspended in the fluid. I am applying forces to the outer cylinder to examine how the fluid flow affects the inner solid. Hopefully the image below is helpful.