Meshing a very narrow gap

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ekasakharova posted this 6 days ago

Hello everyone,

I am trying to mesh a model which has a significant size jump in its geometry. Unfortunately, with no success.

Let my try to explain what I mean: there's a model of a colloid mill which works on a rotor-stator principle. Also, there is an extremely small shear gap (0.09 mm) between rotor and stator. The model I try to mesh is the fluid which fills the colloid mill; this narrow gap is also filled.

I have no problems with meshing the whole model except for the gap: Ansys Meshing has big issues in that region. Currently my assembly contains two bodies: rotor and stator with a cut made in the middle of the gap, which means each gap half belongs either to rotor or stator.

The only solution I have found is to slice this gap from the rotor-stator system and somehow mesh it separately, in other words: I will have stator, a part of the gap which belongs to stator, a part of the gap which belongs to rotor, and rotor. Please note, here I am talking about the fluid model, the one I need to put a mesh on. Also, I need to have at least 10 elements in each gap half.

My question is: is there another possible and preferably an easy way to do it?

Thank you in advance!



rwoolhou posted this 5 days ago

There are a few easy ways of doing this. 

The best approach is probably to break  off (decompose) the thin volume(s) so you can sweep mesh them first, and then tet the rest: look up sweep in Help. Note you will still have a fairly high cell count but it'll be manageable. 

The easiest approach is to decrease your minimum cell size until you can get 5-10 cells in the gap using the proximity size function. This may give a huge mesh, but it is easy! 

You then create two multibody parts (DesignModeler) or componenents (SpaceClaim) to get a conformal mesh where you want it.