Meshing around wind turbine blade

  • Last Post 27 December 2019
Bergheden posted this 27 December 2019

I am trying to create a mesh around a wind turbine blade and i'm having some troubles. Because the geometry is not completely symmetrical and the wing itself is somewhat complex geometry. The wing is to be simulated with it being placed in a large production hall.
This results in the mesh skewness being too high to even simulate.

I have tried using multi zone, tetrahedron, and automatic to generate a mesh around the blade without any success. I have even tried to simplify the geometry of the wing, but without any luck.

I was wondering if there were any tools which could help with this or anyone here who has some experience which could help. If its any help i'm using ansys 2019 R2. 


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peteroznewman posted this 27 December 2019

The element size looks about 100 times too large. If you make smaller elements, the skewness should improve.

Bergheden posted this 27 December 2019

I have tried to decrease the element size, but the mesh is still unstructured. 

peteroznewman posted this 27 December 2019

Yes, but the skewness will improve as the element size is reduced, even for a tet mesh.

If you want a structured hex mesh, slice the fluid volume into six sided solids.