Meshing Errors from Micro-CT Geometry

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aCVP posted this 07 August 2018

Hi all,

I'm new to ANSYS. I have been creating complex geometries from micro-CT data with the hopes of successful meshing and eventual flow analysis in Fluent. However, I've been encountering the following error upon meshing:

"The mesh did not complete due to poor quality elements or incorrect input. Please try meshing with another mesh method or different mesh options."

A few questions based on this error:

  • What are the ideal inputs for complex geometries?
  • How do you know if a geometry is "too complex" before going through the meshing process?
  • Are there any tips/tricks for meshing micro-CT generated geometries?

Thank you!



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SandeepMedikonda posted this 07 August 2018


Please see if this post and this prior discussion help?

Also, here is some discussion from the manual on how to handle complex geometries.



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aCVP posted this 07 August 2018

Thank you so much!

peteroznewman posted this 07 August 2018

Hello aginn,

I have had some experience trying to mesh solid models that was generated by software that segmented a surface from a 3D CT Scan and it can be very challenging.  This is primarily because the surface may be composed of a very large number of very small facets. 

There are tools that can be used to "shrink wrap" a new surface over the top of a region of facets, and some of those tools are in SpaceClaim, however, the Reverse Engineering tools are a separate license that is not included in the Student license.  There is however a merge faces tool, but that is much more labor intensive.  Take a look at this discussion.

If you want to share your geometry, I can take a look and offer some other ideas. Create a Workbench Project Archive .wbpz file and attach it after you post your reply. The file has to be < 120 MB to attach.  Try Clearing Generated Data on the mesh to make the file smaller.  Reply with a Google Drive link if you can't get the file size small enough.



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rwoolhou posted this 08 August 2018

You might be better using the Wrapper in Fluent Meshing: it's similar technology to SpaceClaim but doesn't need extra licences (it's also a lot more powerful but less easy to use). However, meshing a micro-CT model within the 512k cells will be a challenge. 

Which segmentation software are you using? The ones I've dealt with (Materialise & Simpleware products)  have pretty good clean up tools, and the cleaner the geometry is the easier the meshing stage will be. 

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aCVP posted this 08 August 2018

I was actually able to get it to work by cleaning up my geometry some more and using the "shrink wrap" option. I also used a tetrahedral mesh. 

Thank you for your help!