Meshing: Finned Tube Heat Exchanger.

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fulcrum posted this 16 August 2018

Hello, I'm new to Ansys.

I need to model heat transfer in a pipe-in-pipe HE.

Inner tube has many thin extruded fins: 250 in total. Tube length 100 mm.

Now my question(s):

1) Is this problem solvable on a ordinary PC ? 6 GB of RAM, 2.3 GHz.

2) Any meshing methods advice before to start ?

Please see the attached pictures:

Heat Exchanger 




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rwoolhou posted this 17 August 2018

OK. Given the mesh limits on the Student & Teaching software I'd look at a 2d-axisymmetric model in Fluent. You then model a slice of the geometry, and can mesh the fins with enough resolution to get that information. 

There are some geometry & mesh requirements so have a look at the documentation before starting to work with the software. 


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  • fulcrum
fulcrum posted this 16 August 2018

Given the inlet pressures and temperatures of the two fluids I need to model heat transfer through the finned pipe wall, outlet temperatures and hydraulic losses.
Hot fluid (gas, combustion products) flows in the inner tube. Thanks.

rwoolhou posted this 16 August 2018

What do you actually want to model? Ie fluid heat transfer to the solid, stresses in the solid etc.   From there the community can probably guide you.