Meshing process of a Shrouded wind turbine

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PipMin posted this 08 April 2019

Hello members,

I'm doing a CFD analysis on a shrouded wind turbine. First of all I studied the bare wind turbine and to extrapolate the value of the torque I created two domains: one was an external domain and the other was a rotating domain that takes inside also the turbine.


Now I have to study if the duct can increase the torque of my turbine. First of all I created the external domain but now I don't know how to created a rotating domain around the turbine without including the duct.. I don't want to put in movement the duct.

I attach a screenshot of my geometry.


Any ideas??

Thank you very much for your help,


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peteroznewman posted this 08 April 2019

Please insert your images into your posts if you want the ANSYS employees to see the image. They are not permitted to download files.

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rwoolhou posted this 08 April 2019

You'll need to put the rotating zone into the gap between the blade tip & duct. Whilst the rotating zone wants to be round it doesn't have to be cylindrical, a frustum is fine. 

PipMin posted this 08 April 2019

I'm trying to model a rotating domain that can be inside the duct but it seems so difficult to generate. Do you have any idea on how I can do it? Is there any tools that I can use??

I'm saying that because the distance between the duct and the tip of the blade is so small and designing a rotating domain that will include only the turbine seems to be complicated.

kkanade posted this 10 April 2019

if duct inner surface is surface of revolution, then create faces at the two ends of the duct. 

another way is to use revolve command to create domain between blade tip and duct.