meshing a propeller

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fa-ri posted this 11 October 2018

Hello Everyone,

I'm working on flow past a 4-rotor drone.

I meshed the geometry using curvature size function and I have a tetrahedrons mesh method. I have attached a picture below,

I ran the simulation and used mesh motion for each rotating volume.

I get " negative cell volume detected in dynamic mesh "so

I reduce the time step but during of my simulation I saw the following error

"floating point exception".

I would be really grateful if anyone could help me

Thank you 

With regards



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rwoolhou posted this 11 October 2018

You've made the first sensible step by reducing time step, but I think if you're modelling a drone you'd be better looking at using sliding mesh as it's a fairly well defined rotating zone.


fa-ri posted this 13 October 2018

hello rwoolhou

Thank you for your response.

 I attached some pictures of my simulation. Is the mesh acceptable?



nmpatre posted this 15 October 2018

There is very high cell jump at the interface. You may also want to reduce this cell jump by refining the mesh at the interface for outer body.

rwoolhou posted this 15 October 2018

I'd also look at increasing the diameter of the zone surrounding the blades, it's possible the mesh is getting twisted there too. Try and get 2-3 blade widths between the tip and the interface. 

fa-ri posted this 07 November 2018


Thank you for your response.

It was helpful.


With regards