micro doppler simulation using ANSYS

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95taeyoung posted this 16 November 2018

Hi, I'm very new to ANSYS Software. 

For my personal research from school I decided to use ANSYS to do RCS simulation using FEM and now I'm looking into method in which to conduct micro doppler simulation of the CAD design I have. I am currently not sure whether if it's possible to conduct the micro doppler simulation using ANSYS. Anyone here have any idea to share? 

Thanks in advance, Tae. 

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rwoolhou posted this 16 November 2018

Hi Tae.  Please can you post some images of what you're wanting to model?  

95taeyoung posted this 16 November 2018

Thanks for the reply !! 

I don't have the design yet but it will be a perfect sphere that's about 23 in radius. I will be designing the CAD file through solidworks and import solidwork file to the ANSYS but still not sure if it's possible to do micro doppler effect FEM simulation through ANSYS.

Sincerely, Tae. 

rwoolhou posted this 19 November 2018

The only reference to micro doppler that I can find looks to be related to radar?  

If this is the case it's possible, but very complicated and (unfortunately) we (ANSYS staff) cannot discuss applications at that level on a public forum. 

95taeyoung posted this 28 November 2018

Yes, it is related to radar. 

Would it be at least possible for me to know which ANSYS platform I will need to use? From my understanding since it's related to radar I will need to use ANSYS HFSS but is it possible to get both RCS and micro doppler simulation using ANSYS workbench? 

Sincerely, Tae

rwoolhou posted this 28 November 2018

Probably HFSS, but it'll depend on which bit you're looking at. We'll need to wait for EBU (ANSYS) or someone in the community for this one: I'm a process engineer using CFD so this is way outside my field! 

95taeyoung posted this 28 November 2018

Through ANSYS workbench is it possible to do receive RCS results or in order to receive RCS results ANSYS HFSS, IE is mandatory? 

pgl posted this 03 May 2019

Hi Tea,

Yes, you can use ANSYS HFSS to perform RCS simulations. ANSYS HFSS provides several solver methods: FEA frequency domain, MoM Integral Equation, Time domain FEA.  

Here's a link to our web-page about RCS, plus here's a HFSS update video that goes into more detail about our RCS capability.

Note that due to the typical applications of RCS simulations (military, ITAR etc), we are unable to provide specific guidance in this public forum. 

The study of micro-doppler effects have been gaining interest due to popluarlty of smaller UAV's and the requirement to differentiate them from birds that have similar RCS.  A masters student at Chalmers University published their excellent work using ANSYS HFSS for this application in 2017. The paper is published here.  

Also, ANSYS HFSS is not integrated into ANSYS Workbench, or the free ANSYS Student product - HFSS is a separate product with a different GUI (Electronics Desktop).

I hope this helps, although my post here comes quite late!