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lucaavv posted this 02 January 2019


I need to study micro-mixing in a reactor with model like the engulfment, is these already in Fluent or can I add this somehow?

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lucaavv posted this 04 January 2019

Thank you

rwoolhou posted this 04 January 2019

If you need extra variables then the User Defined Scalars ought to do the job, you'll need to code up their interaction with the species concentrations etc and then hook that into the material properties. 

I'd suggest starting with the model and use the normal diffusion terms to get an idea of what the results are before writing the additional models via User Defined Functions. 

lucaavv posted this 03 January 2019

I'm studying a micromixer device and I would like to use the "Engulfment Deformation Diffusion" model

by Baldyga and Bourne (1984) for the mixing in the microscale or another model for micromixing.

There is a way to introduce another differential equation in Fluent?

rwoolhou posted this 03 January 2019

Do you mean you're looking at a micro device or you want to look at fine detail of mixing? Please can you elaborate on the "engulfment" model, I've not heard of it but equally it could be a translation issue.