Missing most workbench tools

  • Last Post 14 February 2018
ma600 posted this 12 February 2018


I've been trying to install Ansys Aim Student but I can't get it to install correctly. Firstly I have no option to select which packages to install during during the setup, when the setup is complete and Ansys is isntalled I open workbench and see just a fraction of the tools I'm meant to have access to (I've uploaded a screenshot!). I've tried installing previous versions and even just trying to install Ansys Student but I still don't have the tools. 

I've been trying to figure this out for hours but I've gotten nowhere! Does anyone have any suggestions?


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ma600 posted this 12 February 2018

After reinstalling the software about 5 times it finally works, not sure why it took this many tries but all the add-ons are there now

vganore posted this 14 February 2018

Student product will not give you any options to choose physics. Also, I am not sure which version were you trying to install but it looked like license key was not installed correctly. 

Vishal Ganore, ansys.com/student