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Weiqiang Liu posted this 26 January 2019

hello all,

I am trying to mesh a straight channel in ICEM. On the channel wall, there is catalyst coated on it and the leading edge of the wall is inert for numerical convenience. Namely, the wall is divided into two parts: one is inert wall and the other is catalytic wall. The picture below shows the detailed geometry and part list in ICEM:

My problem is: after I import the generated mesh into fluent, the catalytic wall and inert wall part is missing. Instead, a wall named geom emerges as the whole length of catalytic plus inert wall. The picture below shows the boundary condition list in fluent:

Can anybody give me some suggestions on how to solve this problem?

Thanks very much!



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kkanade posted this 28 January 2019

this is weird. 

make sure that you have selected ANSYS Fluent in solver option while exporting mesh from ICEM. 

in fluent, you can use domain> zones> separate> faces to separate geom with angle or by marking the faces with region. 

with angle is straight forward. 

if you want to use mark then please define the region first with domain>adapt>region. then that region will be used to separate faces by mark. 

if this helps you, please mark this post as 'is solution' to help others on forum.





Weiqiang Liu posted this 28 January 2019


I solved this problem by cutting the channel into two faces. Specifically, when fluid faces were built in ICEM, the front part and rear part of the channel were separated faces.