Modal Analysis in Ansys APDL

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LisDeb posted this 07 December 2018

Hi all,

I am having trouble performing a modal analysis in ANSYS APDL (unfortunately I am not familiar with most of the commands yet, therefore using the GUI).

I am importing a solid188 beam model (including its mesh) which I created in workbench.

I am then following the commands as decribed in this explanation to do a modal analysisand get the free vibration modes:

However, when I want to view the results file, I get an error saying that the results file could not be written because there are no active degrees of freedom.

Could anyone help with this? Thank you!

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jj77 posted this 07 December 2018

It would be helpful if you could post some images of your model/mesh in apdl, and any other data that might be of help. Also if you have the file you import, so we can see if all the necessary data is there, and if you have the error/warning log file .err. So any information that might be relevant.

LisDeb posted this 07 December 2018

I have an image of my model and mesh in apdl as well as the file that i use as input (file-->read input from) and the .err file in the attachment here.


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jj77 posted this 07 December 2018

If you import that file into apdl, via the main menu and file/read input from .... the model comes in (solid elements).


In the command window type solve and hit return, or go to the left where the model tree is and under solution and go to solve, current LS.


Finally go the model tree on the left and General PostProc and choose the Results viewer to look at your results.


That worked in student version 18.2 and I do not see why it should not work.