Model depth in 2D Magnetostatic analysis

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ramonlsantos posted this 05 April 2019


I am recently trying to replicate the data of a paper about switched reluctance motors. I am using Optimetric parameters to measure the torque of the modelled motor as the rotor angle varies. To save time on simulations, I decided to use 2D simulations.

However, I am consistently getting much higher torque outputs (about 60% more) than the one shown in the paper, and I have good reason to believe the validity of their data since it has been compared to an actual lab prototype. Then my adviser made me realize that the length of the motor has a direct impact on the torque output, knowing that I am only using 2D. However, I learned that the model depth can only be set with the Transient analysis; I cannot find that option for magnetostatic analysis.

So I was wondering, what is the default model depth for Magnetostatic analysis? Can I change it?


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mchristi posted this 05 April 2019

For Maxwell 2D XY Magnetostatic analysis, results are only reported for 1 meter depth.  You must scale results manually to the appropriate depth.  This can be done by creating an output variable such as: Torque_100mm = Torque1.Torque*0.1

ramonlsantos posted this 05 April 2019

Thanks! Where exactly do i that scaling though? 

mchristi posted this 11 April 2019

Maxwell 2D > Results > Output Variables

You can also scale some results in the calculator: Maxwell 2D > Fields > Calcuator