Modeling the Plasticity of Orthotropic Materials using Generalized Hill

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fodonnell posted this 26 February 2019

I am attempting to model anisotropic plasticity using the generalized hill model with a very simple geometry.

However, I am experiencing errors that say that anisoptropic plasticity is not supported by the elements I have chosen, SOLID185. I have tried many different elements which all yield the same error.

I would appreciate feedback on this issue - particularly which elements are supported using anisotropic plasticity?

A file is attached describing the model and the errors, as well as the APDL code used to generate the model.


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Yato posted this 26 February 2019

You can try it with SOLID65.

fodonnell posted this 26 February 2019

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it seems that SOLID65 requires isotropic material properties. When I try to solve the model using SOLID65 elements, it gives me the error "Material 1 must be isotropic for use in element 1, type SOLID 65".

Yato posted this 27 February 2019

Then should be SOLID45, because de TB,ANISO is for nonlinear legacy elements only.

jj77 posted this 27 February 2019

There is a chapter in help called material model element support, see there for details.


TB,HILL (Hill's Aniso. Yield), can be used SOLID186, so you could use that one.


Otherwise TB,ANISO, can only be used with SOLID45 and other legacy nonlinear elements.