Hello Community,

I want to model a CT-Specimen in ANSYS Workbench (Static Structural) with a Pre-Meshed Crack and show the effect of stop holes reducing the stress concentration in the vicinity of the crack tip. I managed to model the undrilled specimen (with applied symmetry) which has an SIF_I of 240 MPa mm^0.5. For specimen with stop holes, I get a higher SIF, but lower normal stresses (which don't seem to be affected by stress singularities unlike the un-drilled specimen).

My questions are:

Is it recommended to model this type of problem in Workbench? I am not looking into crack growth, just at LEFM and the correlating SIF and J-Integral at static loading so far.
Is it even possible to compute the SIF and J-Integral for dynamic loading? I read that only the Material Forces can be used for that in ANSYS.
How can I best show the effect of stop holes? For the pre-cracked model, I can only show the SIF, stresses are affected by singularities. For the modification with stop holes, I cannot compute a reasonable SIF, but only stresses. Does anyone know a way?

Thank you in advance!