Moisture Diffusion in 2 Material

  • Last Post 25 May 2020
elwinxavier posted this 25 May 2020

Hi, I'm modelling moisture diffusion into this Bi-material,

To achieve this I enable "Species Transport" to enable mixture to define H2O Mass Fraction & Diffusivity.

In my Case, I am trying to make moisture (Mixture) diffuse into 2 material. Hence I would require to set different Mass Diffusivity & Porosity in this two material.


I've created two "Mixture" to treat on different material, however there is only One Mixture available from the drop down selection.

Therefore I wasn't able to set Mass Diffusivity on the another material.


How do I resolve this?

I wonder should I be using VOF, Mixture, Eulerian Instead? But the problem is I'm only have one fluid (Moisture) in this case.



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abenhadj posted this 25 May 2020

So both zones are separated by walls? What about defining a single mixture with all components and just using an adequate coefficients based on the cell zone?

Best regards, Amine

elwinxavier posted this 25 May 2020

 Ya, both zone are separated by walls. (I'm trying to simulate bi-materials in electronic packaging)


I'm using single mixture now since there is only one appear in the drop down selection. But how do I use "Adequate Coefficient" based on cell zone?




Do you mean there is a way to define different coefficient to 2 different material after define the one single diffusivity?


*The diffusivity for different material are very important cause the purpose of simulation is to see the effect moisture absorption of different material


Do you have any video/link I can refer?




abenhadj posted this 25 May 2020

Same material but different diffusivity based on the cell zone. Probably this can be done per UDF.

Best regards, Amine