Moment for a selected Face

  • Last Post 21 October 2018
Haytham Zaghloul posted this 19 October 2018


I made a solid model and want to get the value of moment integration in a selected face like the section cut in the linear finite element programs.

I created a solid beam with connection in both sides and a distributed pressure on the upper face

I can get stress distribution for the beam but I want the moment and the location of centroid in the selected face 

another question:

Is it available to get the moment diagram along the beam. Noticed that I create solid model NOT BEAM ELEMENT.

Thanks a lot 

Haytham Zaghloul posted this 21 October 2018

I hues I have to turn the Nodal Element Result on in Output Control in Analysis Settings

It made me able to get the moment for a specific face.

But still the moment I have is variable than it should be. 

I guess it's the problem of eccentricity due to compression force.

I still can't get the answer of this.