Moment Method for soot with detailed chemistry mechanism

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ktiwari posted this 18 September 2017


I am using Ansys Fluent 17.2 for simulating CH4 combustion with air using the detailed GRI3.0 mechanism with DO radiation model on 2D axis-symmetric mesh.

I am using "Moment Method" to model soot. But as soon as I turn on the soot radiation option, Fluent gives me SIGSEGV error. I don't have any UDF hooked to my case so I am really clueless what can cause SIGSEGV ERROR in this case. Can anyone please help me with that?

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pgl posted this 02 October 2017

Others report solving similar SIGSEGV issues by reinstalling the ANSYS product. If you can please try and upgrade to the latest release, ANSYS Student 18.2 in this case.   

ktiwari posted this 03 October 2017

I tried running it with ANSYS Fluent 18.2, but it gave me the following error at the first iteration:

Error: FLOAT: invalid argument [1]: wrong type [not a number]


Error Object: 1.#inf

ktiwari posted this 03 October 2017

That was a silly mistake above. I used a single precision solver instead of double precision.


It is now working with Fluent 18.2. Thanks!

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pgl posted this 04 October 2017

Glad installing 18.2 solved your problem.

All the best.